Arizona Lawmakers Urge Congress to Count Alternate Slate of Trump Electors

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A group of 22 Arizona legislators and eight legislators-elect on Monday signed a joint resolution urging Congress to count an alternate slate of electors for President Donald Trump entered by the state’s Republicans. “It is the constitutional and legal obligation of the legislature of the state of Arizona to ensure that the state’s presidential electors truly represent the will of the voters of Arizona,” the resolution states. The signers say that the 2020 general election was “marred by irregularities so significant as to render it highly doubtful whether the certified results represent the will of the voters.” The resolution asks that Congress count the Trump electors or nullify all of the electors until a full forensic audit can be conducted. It further requests that Congress not consider any electors from Arizona until the state’s legislature deems the election to be final and all irregularities to be resolved. Republicans in six …

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