Thief Steals Sunglasses From a Car but Misses Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket Underneath

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We can all admit to having thoughts at least once or twice about a big lottery win so that we can live comfortably, help family members out, or maybe provide for a noble cause by giving it to charity.

A Seattle couple, who do not want to be identified, bought a Powerball ticket on Feb. 10, 2015, and for the three months that followed, they didn’t know they were millionaires. The couple purchased their lotto ticket at Iman’s Deli-Market in Ballard, the day before the drawing of a jackpot had reached US$350 million, but forgot to check their numbers and left the ticket in their car.

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The lottery ticket was a forgotten tale until three months later when a thief broke into their car and stole a pair of sunglasses, which was placed on top of the ticket. The curious couple then looked around their car to see what else went missing. However, they were surprised to discover that their lotto ticket, which was kept under the sunglasses, had completely missed the thief’s eye.

The couple then went online to check the winning numbers on May 14.

They were surprised to discover that they were a second-tier winner and had won a whopping $1 million, the Seattle Times reported.

For three months, the couple had no idea they had won $1 million in the Powerball lottery—and they have a thief to thank for the discovery. They didn’t even think about theirs being a second prize.

A Seattle couple had a lottery ticket worth $1 million but didn’t realize it. Lucky for them, the thief who broke into their car had no idea, either.

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The couple told Lottery officials they could have lost it. “Someone broke into our car a few weeks ago and stole a pair of sunglasses. The stolen sunglasses were actually sitting atop the winning ticket. What a close call!”

With only a short time frame for winnings to be claimed, they might have missed out. The state lottery says that “Winners have 180 days from the drawing date to claim their prize.”

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So how did the winning couple spend their money? “Well, we already popped a bottle of champagne! We’re also planning a trip to Paris and Iceland for this year. Other than that, I think we’ll just take care of our house,” the couple said.

The Lottery helps fund and support people and communities all over. Winning the lottery can be great for some if you haven’t broken the bank gambling in the first place, or you might hear because the odds of winning are so low, the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math. While winning a life-changing amount of money can be seen as a “curse,” there are people who handle life with extra zeros well.

Thief Breaks Into Car And Leaves Winning Lottery Ticket

A thief broke into a Seattle couple’s car and stole a pair of sunglasses,but left behind a winning lottery ticket worth a million dollars.

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For some winners who don’t know how to handle money, it’s very easy to spend far more than you were expecting to if you treat your winnings like a bottomless pit of cash and you end up right where you started. Sometimes, friendships and relationships can be damaged as seen in the following tale:

Construction worker Americo Lopes won the New Jersey lottery, quit his job, and lied about it, claiming that he needed foot surgery, as reported in The New York Times. After Lopes came clean to a former co-worker, his co-workers ganged up on Lopes for not splitting the winnings as promised. In a fraud suit, the co-workers claimed they had all pitched in for the winning ticket.

In what seems a fair result, the court ordered Lopes to split the prize.

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